Austria and America: Cross-Cultural Encounters 1955-2015
2015 Stefan Zweig Centre Salzburg, Organization: Ralph Poole, Joshua Parker


A two-day conference to reflect on America’s relationship with Austria from 1955-2015, focusing on political, literary, filmic, and musical transatlantic relations between the United States and Austria, as well as on issues of academic exchange.

Austria and America:

Cross-Cultural Encounters




May 7-8, 2015

Stefan Zweig Centre Salzburg

Edmundsburg, Mönchsberg 2 

HS 101, Universitätsplatz 1 









Organization: Ralph Poole, Joshua Parker

Austria and America: Cross-Cultural Encounters 1955-2015

May 7, Stefan Zweig Centre



Introduction and Welcome

Dr. Klemens Renoldner, Stefan Zweig Centre, Dr. Sylvia Hahn, University of Salzburg



Keynote Address: Dr. Walter Grünzweig, Technical University of Dortmund

“Mozart Dies Instantly: Carl Djerassi, Grenzgänger between the United States and Austria”



Dr. Gabriele Seethaler, art presentation


12:00-14:00 Lunch



Panel 1 – POLITICS (Chair: Leopold Lippert)

Jonathan Singerton, University of Edinburgh, “175 or 235 Years of Austrian-American Relations?”

Rachel Kaye, University of Vienna, “Kurt Waldheim and the Destruction of Austria's Post-war ‘Identity Myth’: Foreign Intervention, Confrontation, and the Remolding of American Public Opinion”

Dante Mazzari, Georgetown University, “America and the Austrian State Treaty”

Mark Miscovich, University of Salzburg, “Exhibiting America: Bernard Rudofsky's Answer to Sputnik”


16:00-16:30 Coffee



Panel 2 Roundtable on Academic Exchanges

Dr. Mitchell Ash, University of Vienna

Marty Gecek, Salzburg Seminar American Studies Association

Dr. Reinhold Wagnleitner, University of Salzburg





18:00-19:00 Reception: Stefan Zweig Centre


19:30 Dinner at Triangel, Wiener Philharmonikergasse 7



MAY 8, HS 101, Universitätsplatz 1



Panel 3 – Literature and Film (Chair: Dr. Annette Keck)

Sebastian Kluge, Free University Berlin, “Cosmopolitan Kakanien: Daniel Kehlmann as a Literary Correspondent between Austrian and American Literature”

Dr. Marta Koval, University of Gdansk, “The Image of  Home Lost (and Rediscovered): Writing the Austrian Past by Walter Abish and William Gass”

Leopold Lippert, University of Salzburg, “The Neoliberal Politics of ‘Playing Indian Abroad’ in Florian Pochlatko’s Erdbeerland”


10:30-10:45 Coffee



Panel 4 – Music (Chair: Dr. Ralph Poole)

Dr. Laura MacDonald, University of Portsmouth, “The Perils of Prejudice: The Sound of Music on Broadway and in Salzburg”

Dr. Hilary Demske, Utah Valley University, “Schubert’s Die Winterreise as a Cultural and Musical Bridge”

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